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Stay Happy and Healthy with These Health & Fitness Apps

Stay Happy and Healthy with These Health & Fitness Apps

Warmer weather means outdoor fitness and fun are the order of the day.

Below are a few apps to help maximize time outdoors, encourage you to stay fit and make the most of the warm months:

Eat Better With MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is the ultimate app for anyone interested in staying fit and watching what they eat. You start by entering things like your age, current weight and goal weight. The app will help determine your maximum caloric intake to help you meet those goals.

You can enter your meals and snacks to track how many calories you’ve eaten each day and how many you have burned after exercising. The app allows you to plug in foods consumed by either choosing from a pre-programmed list of foods with nutritional information already available or scanning the barcode of the items you’re eating.

Get Fit With Workout Trainer

If you are looking to get into a fitness routine, Workout Trainer is a free app available for iOS and Android users. This app offers thousands of free workouts that come with step-by-step video tutorials, making a new workout routine simple to adapt.

When you first use the app it gives you the opportunity to build a profile where you can include how active you are, what your fitness goals may be and what factors make it hard for you to be more active. Your customized profile allows for the app to tailor workouts for your activity level and goals.  In addition, you can create your own routines and share them to the library for other people to try.

Stay on Track With Map My Run

If you’re a running enthusiast, use this app to track every step you take. Map My Run allows you to monitor your workout using GPS which tracks your time, speed, pace, distance, elevation level and even the amount of calories you burned.

Even better, by saving your runs with Map My Run, you can follow the same route as an interactive run which plays motivational voice prompts to let you know how far you’ve gone.

Support a Good Cause Using Charity Miles

Charity Miles is an app for iOS and Android that allows you to raise money for charities every time you exercise outdoors. You can select from among a list of corporate sponsors will who will donate a few cents for every mile you walk, run or cycle.

While a few cents may not feel like a lot, when lots of people use the app it can make a big difference.

There’s nothing better than planning fun, warm-weather activities. By incorporating apps into your outdoor experience, enjoying the summer months has never been so easy.

Melanie Hunter, a native New Yorker, is a social media enthusiast and lover of all things mobile tech. She is on a constant hunt for the best gadgets and apps that suit the lifestyle of the millennial on the go.

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