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The Top Reasons Why You Have Bad TV Reception

The process of digital migration started at the onset of the 21st century when several countries from the ITU regions expressed interest for the introduction of digital broadcasting.

Digital broadcasting came with numerous benefits and opportunities to governments, end-consumers and the Information Communication Technology industry as a whole. The benefits and opportunities have been making significant contributions to the economic and social development of the world.

For those who rely on broadcast reception for TV programming, this brought new challenges with regard to receiving a high-quality broadcast signal from television stations. The old analog TVs would give various clues to poor signal. For instance, pictures could disappear, fade away or become noisy. Conversely, with digital streaming, pictures and sound are either exceptional or completely unavailable, with nothing in-between to point to possible causes of the problem.

Poor television reception may be caused by one or more of the following:

Source problems

There are problems that happen long before signals leave the station. In most cases, these failures in image and sound quality are temporary and are fixed within a short period of time.

Technical faults in video playback machinery, satellite reception or routing reception from external sources acquired by the TV station can leave your television screen completely blank.

Connection problems

The reason for your bad TV reception may be completely unrelated to broadcast quality. It may be caused by improper connection between the television set and antenna. It may also be due to mix up of connections between the television set, music system, antenna and other equipment.

Connecting cables that are of poor quality, damaged or worn out may also cause bad reception. The problem may also be caused by damaged antenna. If TV antenna repairs are carried out, you’ll start getting high-quality reception.

Transmitter interference

Conditions and objects that occur or are located near the TV transmission tower can also be a reason why you have bad reception. Airplanes that pass by or weather conditions like thunderstorms can affect the broadcast transmission.

Quality of the transmission equipment may also be a factor that contributes to bad signal quality. This may be due to equipment that is poorly designed or improperly maintained.

Location of the antenna

Placement of the antenna determines whether you receive good TV reception or not. Generally, outdoor antennas provide better reception than those that are usually placed indoors.

You may be experiencing bad reception because the antenna is not positioned in line with the transmission source. It shouldn’t face church steeples or very tall buildings.

Proper TV antenna installation can correct this problem.

Electrical interference

If there’s electrical interference near your home or at the source of transmission, your TV may have poor reception. Radio frequency transmissions, electrical drills, power lines, blow dryers and transformers can all affect broadcast television signal.

All countries have established regulatory bodies that exercise oversight over spectrum utilized for broadcast transmissions, and the watchdogs are charged with the responsibility of preventing problems caused by competing frequencies.

However, it can be very difficult to control interference brought about by environmental conditions.

Antenna quality

Even though newer aerials are marketed as HD, the way they work is quite similar to how older antennas used to function. The major dissimilarity may be the special design that enables them to concentrate reception towards more specific locations.

Both old and new antennas are significantly different with regard to quality of construction and capacity to receive transmission frequencies.

Your television may have poor reception because the antenna is UHF only or VHF only. Additionally, it may have been poorly constructed or simply incapable of receiving certain transmissions.

Bottom line

Bad television reception may be due to problems at the source of transmission, connection problems, transmitter interference, antenna location, electrical interference and/or antenna quality.

A good technician can resolve the problem and help you receive a great transmission by carrying out TV antenna repairs and correct TV antenna installation.

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The Advantages of Tech

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